Shandon’s Coin Rings!

We take great pride in making handmade silver coin rings and love creating something new with every coin. Coin rings have been around for decades but thanks to advances in tools they have never looked better or been more comfortable to wear. We offer coin rings for both men and women in a variety of finishes and options for that perfect fit.

Handmade silver coin rings not only look and feel great but each one is unique. Each finish and coin ring is a little different as is every coin, no two are the same. Maybe you’re looking for a ring for yourself or perhaps for a gift for someone special there’s no better gift to give than a coin ring.

Shandon’s Coin Rings Sells A lot of Morgan Dollar Coin Rings both Heads In or Out With or Without Powder, Spinner Coin Rings, Franklin Half Dollar Powder Coated, Morgan Dollar Tails out Patina or Heads Out, Also Available as Gloss, American Gold Eagle Coin Ring 1/2 oz, Mexican Peso Coin Ring.

We also sell a lot of Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar Coin Rings in Patina or Gloss, We sell Statehood Quarter Coin Rings Giving You Your Own Personalized State Coin Ring, Walking Liberty and JFK Half Dollar and Lastly We Can Use Your Own Coin to Make a Custom Ring.

Shop Our Collection of Silver and Gold Coin Rings.

Shandon’s Coin Rings collection of coin rings for sale are second to none. Each coin ring is designed and handcrafted with the goal of exceeding the customer’s expectations by providing an affordable, comfortable and beautiful piece of history that can be worn and treasured for years to come. Shandon’s Coin rings can also be made into a “his and her” matching set of wedding bands custom made to your instructions.



I am so confident that you will love your new coin ring I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s not lost on me that when buying a coin ring you have many options to spend your hard-earned money on and to show that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our guarantee is simple, if you don’t love it then don’t keep it. A coin ring should be something you love to wear and enjoy, if you’re not 100% satisfied then I’ll replace it or give you a full refund, that simple.


Shandon’s Coin Rings offers FAST & FREE SHIPPING and guarantees swift and safe shipment! Once your order is received my goal is to have your ring made and shipped within 2 Business days. Shandon’s Coin Rings is confident that once you have visited our coin ring online store and shopped the selection of rings made from coins for sale, you cannot walk out of here empty handed.