Black Diamond Walking Liberty


Made from a 90% silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Minted 1916-1947 (specific years available upon request)
Finish: Patina
Metal weight: 9 grams
Comfort-fit band
8.5 mm band
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A Black Diamond Walking Liberty coin ring is made from a Walking Liberty Half-Dollar. It’s a silver 50-cent piece or half-dollar coin issued by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1947. The design of the half-dollar bears a full-length figure of Liberty.

This half-dollar coin ring is similar in width to a traditional men’s band. The 6mm width makes it popular because it’s comfortable to wear and sure to get compliments. This 50-cent piece is popular with both men and women because it can range in sizes to accommodate for both.

The Black Diamond Walking Liberty shows the folds of the Stars and Stripes flying to the breeze in the background are a proud sight. She is progressing in full stride toward the dawn of a new day and carrying branches of laurel and oak symbolical of civil and military glory. The reverse of the half dollar shows an eagle perched high upon a mountain crag, his wings unfolded, fearless in spirit and conscious of his power.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Ring is full of beauty and detail, many of the characteristics it displays can still be seen on coins in production today. Like all coins minted before 1964 it will never leave any discoloration on your finger.

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